Shrine Of The Sun Tour

In August 2009, we had an extraordinary tour. The Shrine Of The Sun never allowed evening tours but decided to allow our group this luxury. We had a wonderful time and realized what a treasure we have right here in Colorado Springs.

Click Here to download the photos you see below plus additional photos taken during the tour.

Entry Sign

This plaque provdes the historical information about the Shrine.

Our Tour Group

Candid shot of our tour group.

Shrine of the Sun

This is a view of the Shrine from the parking lot area.

Will Rogers

This beautiful bust of Will Rogers greets all visitors.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs as seen from 8,000 feet elevation at the Shrine.

The Broadmoor Area

The Broadmoor as seen from 8,000 feet elevation at the Shrine.


There are several beautiful paintings and works of art inside the Shrine.


In the history center, there are murals depicting the history of the region.

Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass windows adorn the Shrine. Seen here is just one of the beautiful works of art.


This project is partially funded by a State Historic Fund grant awarded from the Colorado Historical Society.