City Hall Ice Cream Social

An Old-Fashioned Ice-Cream Social was held at City Hall for its
110th Anniversary celebration on Sept. 6, 2014.

Busy ice-cream table, manned by HPA volunteers named Tom & Jeanette Millar

Winfield S. Stratton, Honored Guest (portrayed by Richard Marold) who donated land for the site of City Hall, and Warren Hill (HPA Tour Guide)

Cooling off during the Ice Cream Social.

Children s Chorale provided special music.

Dean Beukema (City Hall Tour Guide), Eric Swab (HPA Tour Guide), Stratton, Sherry Neese (HPA Tour Guide), Warren Hall (HPA Tour Guide)

Katharine Lee Bates, singing "America the Beautiful"

Eric Swab & Sherry Neese (HPA Tour Guides), Katharine Lee Bates, Honored Guest (composed the poem, "America the Beautiful" while visiting Colorado Springs in late 1890s)

Kim Banner and Warren Hill (HPA Tour Guides)

Guests enjoying the tour.

Nathan Neese and Isabel Tapia seated at tables, showing children's games of early 1900s

Guests learn much of the history of the old City Hall building.

Sherry Neese and Mike Collins (HPA Tour Guides)

Walking through history.


This project is partially funded by a State Historic Fund grant awarded from the Colorado Historical Society.