Denver Field Trip

Photos from our Historic Sites In Denver field Trip on June 13, 2015.

Boarding The Bus

Boarding the bus for the Historic Sites in Denver field trip.


Mural on underpass entrance to former historic Denver Tramway Building.

Byers Evans Mansion

Front view of the Byers Evans Mansion

Myers Evans Mansion

Daybed at the Mansion

Myers Evans Mansion

Heating the Mansion

Myers Evans Mansion


Myers Evans Mansion

Dining room

Myers Evans Mansion

Chandelier (close-up)

Myers Evans Mansion

Beautiful fireplace and mantel

Myers Evans Mansion

View of the porch sitting room with beautiful windows

Myers Evans Mansion

Photo of a photo

Denver Historical Buildings

Historic Denver

Admiring the craftsmanship

Historical Denver Buildings

Looking up!

Beatrice Creamery Building

The LoDo Tour

Brecht Candies Mural

Historical Building

Entrance to the Colorado Business Bank Building

Historic Buildings in Denver

Ice House Building

Ice House

Oxford Hotel

Entrance to the Oxford Hotel

Oxford Hotel

Beautiful stained glass ceiling

Oxford Hotel

Stained glass adorns ceiling area

Rocky Mountain Warehouse

Rocky Mountain Warehouse Lofts Building

Windsor Farm Dairy Building

Union Station Building

Union Station

Original signage still adorns the building

Union Station

Waiting area in the main terminal

Union Pacific Railroad Bulding

Union Pacific Railroad Building

Tour group stands outside building

History Museum

Museum exhibit.

History Museum

1950s Exhibit

History Museum

Having fun at the museum.

History Museum

Guess who?


This project is partially funded by a State Historic Fund grant awarded from the Colorado Historical Society.