The 17th Annual Awards Gala of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs is scheduled for October 17, 2018 at the historic Briarhurst in Manitou Springs.  Sponsorships with benefits are available and full tables may be reserved! Individual tickets will be available for sale soon.

The 2018 CALL FOR ENTRIES is open now!  The deadline to receive complete nominations is September 17, 2018.  Please bookmark this page and check back for updates.


The Annual Historic Preservation Awards, presented by the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs (HPA), is a local competition recognizing outstanding rehabilitation/restoration, compatible new construction, stewardship and heritage projects in the greater Colorado Springs community.  Established in 2002, these awards in eight categories honor property owners and professionals for their dedication to historic preservation.  The criteria for judging is generally guided by the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.  The judges are asked to use their experience, knowledge of preservation and judgment to evaluate each entry on the merits of their efforts to celebrate the historic qualities of their projects.

NEW FOR 2018:  We are thrilled this year to present the first LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to Chuck and Mary Lou Murphy of Murphy Constructors.  The Chuck-Mary Lou duo are preservation legends in the Pikes Peak region and the HPA is honored to recognize their outstanding achievements to preserve, protect and repurpose historic landmarks and special places over many decades.  Join us for this auspicious, special occasion as we recognize and applaud Chuck and Mary Lou.

Award Categories

  • Residential Rehabilitation/Restoration.  Project nominations may include any structure that is currently used as a residence.  Design and construction will have resulted in significant improvements to the building’s historic character, through rehabilitation, restoration, removal of non-historic additions and/or preservation of original design elements.
  • Civil/Civic Rehabilitation/Restoration.  Project nominations may include historic structures, monuments, or sites and landscapes that are part of the public domain.  Examples of civil or public architecture include government, university and school buildings, museums, monuments, and religious structures.  Examples of historic landscapes include public parks and street medians.
  • Commercial Rehabilitation/Restoration.  Project nominations may include any commercial building, such as inns, hotels or motels, retail shops, restaurants, or residential space adaptively reused as a commercial space, restoration of which has significantly contributed to the historical cityscape.
  • Compatible New Construction.  Compatible new construction projects are those which provide space for contemporary life, but respect the character and context of the original structure and/or the surrounding community.  Project nominations may include new structures built within the city’s historic core or neighborhoods or additions to existing structures.  Project nominations may be residential, civil, or commercial.
  • Compatible Landscape for Historic Property.  Landscape designs may include structures as well as plant and/or manmade materials that enhance the historic residential, civil, or commercial site the landscape surrounds.
  • Stewardship:  This award recognizes best practices in preservation maintenance for properties, sites, or spaces which have maintained their historic integrity over time, including the historic, distinctive and character-defining features of the property through careful and consistent stewardship. No construction other than repairs to existing elements of the property’s buildings and grounds are considered.
  • Excellence in Preservation Trades and Crafts:  This award seeks to recognize those individuals involved as skilled professionals doing the work of preservation.
  • Heritage Literary, Education and Promotion.  This award recognizes efforts of historical documentation: pictorial or literary, in the form of a photo collection, book, essay, bibliography, etc. in any media that serves to capture our history for future reference.  This category includes the packages written, prepared and assembled for historical designation nominations or grant applications.

Submittal Requirement and Format

Submit the actual product for consideration, and entry form.

What Projects are Eligible?

  • All projects must be located in the greater Colorado Springs area.
  • Rehabilitation/Restoration projects must be on structures at least 50 years old.
  • Projects must have been completed within the past five years (except those pertaining to the Stewardship category.)

Who May Enter?

The awards program is open to property owners and professionals (architects, landscape architects, contractors, consultants, craftspeople, and designers) substantially involved with the project, or third parties (preservation organizations, municipal governments, individuals) who know of outstanding projects in the greater Colorado Springs area.

Why Enter?

  • Gain exposure and receive public recognition for your important contributions to the city’s historic character.
  • Be recognized at the annual awards gala and receive a framed certificate presented to winners.


Complete the official Entry Form Cover Page (see page 4) and return to HPA Gala Committee Chair, Tim Boddington, 1515 Wood Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Is There a Cost to Enter?

There is no cost to enter; however, there is a fee for the Annual Gala dinner during which the awards are presented. We love when our nominated projects have owners, architects and contractors attend – and purchase an entire table!


Entries may be submitted in either of two formats, whichever is most convenient for the entrant to produce.

Format One is an 8-1/2” x 11” folder containing the following with separate narrative:

  • 4-6 historic photographs of the structure, site, area involved.
  • 4-6 photographs of the site before construction.
  • 4-6 photographs during construction/restoration noting important historic elements being restored.
  • Four to six photographs of the completed site.
  • Any images you choose which help tell your story.
  • Apply one photograph per page.
  • Narrative: Tell a compelling story.

Successful nominations tell the story of their project in the most convincing way, both visually and through description, explaining:

  • The project’s historic context
  • Specific goals of the project
  • Specific challenges the project team had to overcome
  • The project’s benefits to the community
  • The broader lessons to be drawn from the project

All original photographs will be returned.  We request permission to scan and copy each original photograph for our archives and to use the scanned images in power point presentations. Note: if you are nominating a property which you do not own, please arrange for written permission from the owners and attach to your nominating form.

Format Two: Exactly as above only submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, one photograph per slide (JPEG preferred), with a separate narrative box.  Do not caption over the top of a photograph.  Please note that including graphics or other information on PowerPoint slides does not help your nomination.  Submit on a flash drive or disk readable on a Mac, if possible.  Disks become property of the Historic Preservation Alliance.

Submit a Separate Portfolio For Each Category noted above.

DEADLINE FOR 2018 ENTRY: September 17, 2018.  Nominations may be submitted at any time prior to the deadline.

Please send or drop off your completed nomination package to:

Mr.Tim Boddington, 1515 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, CO. 80907

Electronical entries may be emailed to

Winners will be announced at the Historic Preservation Alliance Awards Gala event scheduled for October 17, 2018 at a location to be announced.

For additional information please contact Tim Boddington at (719) 339-9168 (cell).

We look forward to your participation!

Roxanne Eflin, President of the Board of Directors

Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs


Annual Honor Awards Nomination Form Cover Page (Please Print)

Award Category (Choose ONE):

___Residential Rehabilitation/Restoration

___Commercial Rehabilitation/Restoration

___Civil/Civic Restoration

___Compatible New Construction

___Compatible Landscape


___Excellence in the Crafts and Trades

___Heritage Literary, Education and Promotion

Nomination submitted by:  ______________________________________________________________

Nominator’s address:  __________________________________________________________________

Nominator’s Phone numbers: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Nominator’s Email:  ____________________________________________________________________

Project name (if any):  __________________________________________________________________

Address of nominated property:  __________________________________________________________

Property owner:  _______________________________________________________________________

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Design firm(s):  _____________________________________________________________________________________

General contractors, Consultants and Crafts/Tradespeople:   _____________________________________________________________________________________



Please List All Attachments:                                       


Dates to Remember.

Submittal Due Date:  September 17, 2018

Jury Date:  To be announced

Awards Gala:  October 17, 2018 – location to be determined

Please mail or deliver completed nomination package to Tim Boddington, In Care of: HPA Gala, 1515 Wood Ave. Colorado Springs, CO. 80907.  For additional information contact Tim Boddington at (719) 339-9168 (cell), email