Roxanne Eflin’s President Welcome Remarks and Introductions

Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs Awards Gala – October 18, 2017


Welcome members, sponsors, colleagues, guests and friends to the 16th annual Awards Gala of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs.

I am Roxanne Eflin, Board President, and it my honor on behalf of my fellow board members to welcome all of you here to the beautiful historic Briarhurst Manor Estate on this lovely evening.

This is our first time here with our Awards Gala and we are honored to be visiting our sister city of Manitou Springs.  This small unique community in many ways has been leading the Pikes Peak region in historic preservation and downtown revitalization for over 40 years.  You may not know this fun fact but in 1980, Manitou Springs was designated as one of the original 30 demonstration cities for the National Trust’s Main Street program.  How about a show of hands from everyone from Manitou Springs?  This is also my family’s home town – my great grandfather arrived here 100 years ago to work in the mineral water industry.

I’d like to thank Chef Neil Morena and the Briarhurst’s Director of Sales, Janice Montoya, for making us feel welcome here in the second home built on this spot by Dr. William Bell, co-founder with General Palmer of Manitou Springs.  This estate was built in 1887 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  The room you’re in was an expansion 20 years ago and is great illustration of compatible new design in-keeping with the architectural style and character of the original building.  The Briarhurst is a great treasure.

We have many new members with us tonight – welcome – and so many special guests with this us – I’d like to introduce a few:

  • Mayor Nicole Nicoletta, running for her 2nd term of office.
  • Jason Wells, City Administrator for the City of Manitou Springs
  • Tracy Shogren – newly elected President of the Manitou Springs Women’s Club, just celebrated their 80th anniversary by saving Memorial Hall from a terrible fate.
  • Susan Edmondson, Executive Director of the Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs, also one of our great partners and a sponsor for this evening.
  • Mike Herbst, Chair of the Historic Preservation Board for the City of Colorado Springs
  • Tamilla Wright, representing the Manitou Springs Historic Preservation Commission,
  • Leah Davis Witherow, Curator at the Pioneer Museum,
  • Samantha Klingenburg, President of the Old North End Neighborhood
  • Founding Board member of our organization – Cathy Mundy, who is also a board member of the Friends of Monument Valley Park, also one of our great collaborative partners

And a few legacy alum of the HPA board – Elaine Freed, Cathleen Fox Collins and Judith Rice-Jones.  It’s so nice to see all of you here.

We are also so grateful for our sponsors who have helped make this evening possible:

  • McGrath Construction,
  • NES Inc,
  • the Old North End Neighborhood,
  • CSNA Architects,
  • RTA Architects,
  • Olson Plumbing and Heating,
  • Tim and Cate Boddington
  • and the Downtown Partnership.

Plus we have a number of additional sponsors who are listed in your program.

We also have with us a quartet of great talent from the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony.  Musicians:  Michael Carlson, Madelyn Caudle, Samantha Rehorst, and Isabella Wright.  Thanks very much for adding beautiful music to our gathering.

It’s my pleasure to also introduce the Board of Directors of the Historic Preservation Alliance:  Al Rohr, Vice President and Secretary; Tim Boddington, Treasurer; Pat Doyle, Jim Fennell, John Haney, Justin Hutchcraft and Jeff Long – plus our two outgoing board members, Diann Butlak and Betty Jo Cardona who could not be with us this evening.  Our newest board member Nancy Brown is out of state.  This is the hardest working board for an all-volunteer preservation organization that you’ve ever met and I am thoroughly enjoying my first term as President working with these good folks.

We’re excited to have a new refreshed logo thanks to Deborah Harrison and her graphic arts skills.  We think the original Van Briggle Art Studio building embodies everything we’re about.

And this summer we launched our new website which was a huge accomplishment.  Bookmark it.  Put it on your desktop, and please visit us often.

I would like to place this evening into context as to why we are here and why you are so essential to our core purpose.

Our mission is to provide leadership and inspiration to preserve, protect and promote Colorado Springs’ heritage and historic neighborhoods for today and future generations.

We accomplish this mission through a four-point approach of advocacy, education, events and strategic alliances.

Our historic places define so much:  the look and feel of our communities, our sense of belonging, our history, our future – ourselves.  Historic preservation is the greatest recycling effort we can do to support the environment.  Cities and towns nationwide and right here at the foot of Pikes Peak are enjoying a rebirth through reinvestment and reuse of the existing places we love.

Last year as a nation we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, which created tools and incentives to make sure that our places – that embody not only energy but our memories – aren’t forgotten or swept aside.

Preservation is about managing change and working in tandem with the many other fields that contribute to livable, sustainable and vibrant communities.  New ideas, and the New Economy, thrive in older buildings.  And we thank all of you for joining with us to keep our history alive, relevant and useful.

This is an exceptional time to be involved with our organization.

Our entire 2018 Calendar of Events is found on Page 14 of your program and you’ll see something new scheduled in May:  the Pikes Peak Preservation Forum which will be an all-day event of educational sessions, workshops and tours at the Broadmoor, who is celebrating their centennial all next year.

We are looking ahead with great optimism and making some big strides in our role as preservation advocates in the Olympic City that is exploding in all directions!  You’ll be hearing more about the new launch a long overdue Historic Preservation Master Plan for Colorado Springs, the first effort of its kind since 1993, so stay tuned!  More is coming!

We have an exciting program for you this evening – not only the highly anticipated honor awards but a BONUS presentation about one of our two big projects underway – the Tahama Spring.  Our other project, the Harlan Wolfe House on Cheyenne Road, involves many partners and we are moving ahead there as well.  This is all good news and very exciting!

It’s my honor now to introduce the Chair of our Awards Committee and our Board Treasurer, also President of the UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art and in his spare time – Wood Worker – all in ONE person! – Mr. Tim Boddington.

Thank you!