Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

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Bent's Old Fort and Koshare Indian Kiva & Museum

You are invited to join us as we journey to the area around La Junta, Colorado to visit Bent’s Old Fort and the Koshare Indian Kiva and Museum.

Both of these venues are on the National Register of Historic Places and truly represent important landmarks in our state’s cultural collection of “must-sees”.

We will spend the first part of our day exploring the faithfully reconstructed Bent’s Old Fort with its living museums of trading posts, living quarters, foundry, dormitories and upper ramparts to literally look across the Arkansas River and gaze into what was once Mexico. We will also learn of its construction as an armed outpost and its strategic significance. 

From the Fort, we’ll head to La Junta to enjoy a leisurely lunch.  We then travel to the Koshare Indian Art Museum & Kiva to explore not only the spectacular dance pavilion but the renowned collections of ancient/ historic Indian artifacts.  This includes early 20th Century Rio Grande Pottery and Taos Society Paintings – all of which were collected by the Boy Scouts who have resided within the Koshare facility over the past 70 years.

Tour Guide: Charles “Chuck” Benson, Local Art & Architectural Historian

Tour Coordinators:  Al & Becky Rohr [Contact: 719-641-1542]

NOTE:  The “RSVP” section of this flyer must be filled out completely and postmarked no later than Monday, May 15, 2017. This trip is limited to the first 47 who submit completed registration form with payment..

This trip will be limited to one bus (47 passengers) so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.
The cost of the entire day, including bus fare, tour guides, and admission tickets will be $45/ person for current HPA members and $50/ person for guests.

The cost of lunch will be on your own. Bottles of ice cold water will be provided.

7:30 AM:  Park at Young Life Center, 420 N. Cascade Avenue
8:00 AM: Bus Departs                
5:00 PM: Return to Young Life 



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This project is partially funded by a State Historic Fund grant awarded from the Colorado Historical Society.