Annual Award Categories

Residential Restoration. Project nominations may include any structure that is currently used as a residence. Design and construction should have resulted in significant improvements to the building’s historic character, through preservation, restoration, removal of non-historic additions, or rehabilitation of original design elements.

Civil Restoration. Project nominations may include historic structures, monuments, or sites and landscapes that are part of the public domain. Examples of civil or public architecture include government, university and school buildings, museums, monuments, and religious structures. Examples of historic landscapes include public parks and street medians.

Commercial Restoration. Project nominations may include any commercial building, such as inns, hotels or motels, retail shops, restaurants, or residential space adaptively reused as a commercial space, restoration of which has significantly contributed to the historical cityscape.

Compatible New Construction. Compatible new construction projects are those which provide space for contemporary life, but respect the character and context of the original structure and/or the surrounding community. Project nominations may include new structures built within the city’s historic core or neighborhoods or additions to existing structures. Project nominations may be residential, civil, or commercial.

Compatible Landscape for Historic Property. Landscape designs may include structures as well as plant and/or manmade materials that enhance the historic residential, civil, or commercial site the landscape surrounds.

Stewardship, Maintenance is Preservation. This award recognizes properties, sites, or spaces, which have maintained over time, to a high degree, the historic and distinctive features and character of the property through careful and consistent stewardship. No construction other than repairs to existing elements of the property’s buildings and grounds are considered.

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