History of Monument Valley Park (...continued)
Monument Valley Park at Cache la Poudre Street Bridge, after the flood, 1935

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Page 2... General Palmer's work of improving the area was completed before the Park was deeded to the City. To his generosity and vision, General Palmer added the engineering skill and wholehearted support of E. C. van Diest who carried out Palmer's plans. (Van Diest went on to become secretary of the Park Commission.)
An important element consisted of changing the channel of Monument Creek. The new channel of Monument Creek was supported by riprap along the entire length of the channel which in turn was supported at the bottom by a concrete toe wall. The next element of improvement consisted in providing a water system. Near Jefferson Street, a reservoir was built having a capacity of 12,500,000 gallons and readily supplied water from the El Paso Canal (City Ditch). There were four other lakes in the park, all supplied directly from Monument Creek as well as by underground water.. ...read more

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