Summer 2016 Tour #2

High Valley Farm
July 14th at 6:30 pm - RSVP

ADDRESS: 14 Alsace Way - Off of W. Cheyenne Rd. Drive south on Nevada Avenue to Cheyenne Road (McDonald’s is on NW corner),  and turn right/west.  Drive 0.6 miles to Alsace Way and turn left/south.  Parking attendants will meet you at the Farm's gate entrance.

PARKING: Very limited parking and it is strongly suggested to carpool,  please.

TOUR GUIDES: Susan Loo Pattee



High Valley Farm

High Valley Farm began on a nine-acre  tract of land along Cheyenne Creek, just off Alsace Way. It was homesteaded in 1858,  as asmall farm to grow rhubarb and asparagus. The original log cabin was built that same year.

Its twentieth-century history begins when Terrance J. Lilly of St. Paul, Minnesota purchased a portion of the acreage. Lilly’s son, Eugene, recovering from tuberculosis, created a livelihood  on the property by raising and selling Irish wolfhounds. He then devised a series of ponds  and began to raise Rocky Mountain trout. He turned the modest trout business into the famed High Valley Farm Pâté. In the 1980s the property  was sold to the Loo family, the present owners.

This Tour will NOT be advertised to the public.



COST: Free to HPA Members
Non-Members $15

If you have questions about this tour, contact:
Sherry L. Neese, Program Chair
Tel: (Evenings)719.638.0166, (Cell) 719.648.4377


This project is partially funded by a State Historic Fund grant awarded from the Colorado Historical Society.