Summer 2017 Tour #8

History of Evergreen Cemetery
August 24th at 6:00 pm

ADDRESS: 1005 S. Hancock Avenue; turn south at Fountain and Hancock Expressway, proceed through the cemetery entry gate, use parking lot to the right.

PARKING: Use parking lot to the right as you enter the main gate.

TOUR GUIDES: Dianne Hartshorn, Director and founder of the Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society. Note that the $8 fee goes to this organization to help fray maintenance costs for the Chapel.


The tour begins at the chapel.  This city cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.  Besides receiving an explanation of its history and significance to the city your experience will be enriched with a characterization of some of the city’s forefathers and their amazing stories.
When Colorado Spring was founded in 1871 there were already two cemeteries serving El Paso County but they proved to be inadequate in serving the needs of the rapidly growing city.  In 1874 General William Jackson Palmer, the city’s founder, created a new cemetery two miles from town.  Originally named Mount Washington or Mountain Home, in 1877 the name was permanently changed to Evergreen Cemetery.  It became the final resting place of many of the pioneers who built this city.
NOTE:  There will be an $8 cash only fee required at registration that evening.    
 Also, note the starting time for this tour is 6 PM, registration begins at 5:30.
Restrooms: Port-A-Potties will be available.



COST: HPA Members $8
Non-Members $18

If you have questions about this tour, contact:
Al Rohr, Program Chair
Tel: 719.641.1542


This project is partially funded by a State Historic Fund grant awarded from the Colorado Historical Society.