Restore Tahama Spring

In Monument Valley Park along the west banks of Monument Creek in downtown Colorado Springs, sheltered by a grove of towering old trees just past the pedestrian bridge, sits an octagonal concrete pad with a stone well in the middle.

This octaganal concrete pad and stone well in Monument Valley Park in downtown Colorado Springs once were part of Tahama (Tahoma) Spring, an alluvial spring that flows about two gallons per minute according to recent testing on March 5, 2014.

But the well is abandoned, and there are only hints to what stood there decades ago. Ever since, various groups have tried to generate interest in rebuilding the spring. But none has gotten very far until now.

Restore Tahama Spring is about a coalition of volunteers organized by the Historical Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs (HPA) to educate our community about the spring, to form a strong group of supporters, and to see the spring and Spanish-style pavilion restored to its original beauty and grandeur.