Left to right:  Tamara Estes, Al Rohr, Deb Darrow, Jeff Long, Tim Boddington, Erik Metzger, Gary Conover, Justin Hutchcraft, Pat Doyle, Roxanne Eflin and John Haney.  Not present in photo is Ann Brock.  

2020 Board of Directors

Officers elect:

Tim Boddington – President

Roxanne Eflin – Vice President

Gary Conover – Treasurer

Justin Hutchcraft – Secretary


Board Members:

Ann Brock

Deb Darrow

Patricia Doyle

Tamara Estes

John Haney

Jeffrey Long

Eric Metzger

Al Rohr


Past Presidents

Roxanne Eflin

Michael Collins

David S. Prince

Joyce Stivers


And a dedicated group of Board Alum who remain active supporters of the organization.  They have helped build our legacy.