HPA provides information about properties deserving special attention and potentially endangered historical places within the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak area.

Successes for our community thanks to CASA, the Friends of Cheyenne Canon, the trustees of the Chadbourne Gospel Mission, the Colorado College (Van Briggle Pottery, Edgeplain and Ida M. Rice Houses) and to the Historic Preservation Alliance with assistance from Colorado College, the Friends of Monument Valley Park and Angie Adams for Monument Valley Park.

Maytag Aircraft Building

Maytag Aircraft Building

Midland Terminal Railroad Roundhouse

Midland Roundhouse

Entrance archway into Monument Valley Park

Monument Valley Park

Example of Stone Walls in Monument Valley Park

Stone Walls in MVP

Navajo Hogan Roadhouse. Photo taken in 2011.

Navajo Hogan’s Roadhouse

MVP Office currently used by caretaker

Palmer’s MVP Office

Pastorius Residence Small Photos

Pastorius Residence

Van Breiggle Pottery Building

Van Briggle Pottery

Weber Street Wahsatch Avenue Historic Residential District

Weber-Wahsatch Historic District