Endangered Places
Edgeplain / Bass-Arthur House

1106 N. Nevada Ave
Circa: 1901

Located on the campus of Colorado College, Edgeplain is associated with Chester Alan Arthur II, who owned the house between 1901 and 1922.

The son of President Arthur, Alan and his wife purchased the house, remodeling and expanding it to accommodate their extensive calendar of dinners and parties.

Alan became deeply involved in the social life of the Pikes Peak region and Edgeplain became one of the outstanding meeting places of the social leaders from Colorado Springs and Denver.

The house is an example of the work of prominent Colorado Springs architects Walter Douglas and Thompson Hetherington.
While not the original designers of the 1881 home, the firm was responsible for its substantial expansion and alteration.

The walls consist of multi-hued sandstone blocks of varying widths and height laid in random work with tinted mortar. Indicative of the work of master stonemasons, the stone displays a variety of dressings. The combination of colors and finishes is an unusual and distinguishing characteristic. and finishes is an unusual and distinguishing characteristic.