I am excited and honored to be elected to the Board Presidency of our organization.

The HPA is entering its 21st year of service to our membership and community. It will be with the considerable help of our Board and members that I push forward with the energy and insights of our past President, Roxanne Eflin, who has brought our organization to the forefront of the preservation movement in Colorado Springs. For indeed, there is a preservation movement! HistoricCOS, the City’s new historic preservation master plan, is evidence of the advocacy that Roxanne helped bring to our community. This is a new planning document with fresh preservation tools, which I am excited to present to the many stakeholders in our community who share a concern for preserving all that is historically significant. The action matrix component of HistoricCOS is intended to engage and empower our vocal volunteers who seek themselves to be advocates for the preservation of their neighborhoods, their treasured landmarks and history. These tasks alone will occupy a huge portion of my energy, and that of our Board.

We’re excited to welcome three new HPA Board members who share in our vision of education and outreach. They bring an exciting energy to continuing the traditions of tours, lectures and special events. I turn over the Treasurer’s duties to the very talented Gary Conover and the tasks of membership management to Roxanne who, as Vice President, will spearhead efforts to bring 21st century technology to our HPA communications and donor programs.

I look forward to hearing from everyone on the subjects that excite, motivate and concern you. There is much to do and I am excited to get to work!


Tim Boddington