Welcome!  I am excited and honored to continue in my role as Board President of the HPA throughout 2022.

The mission of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs remains steadfast, and our Board is as passionate as ever!  Our tours, lectures and special events (both live and digital) will continue to be important components of our annual offerings to inform and educate our members – whether we gather in person or on-screen.

I am pleased to say that our Board’s focus is enlarged in that the adoption by City Council of HistoricCOS has given us an extremely important mandate for the foreseeable future.  The Historic Preservation Master Plan, HistoricCOS, approved in December 2019, spells out a number of specific preservation goals for our community.  These “Action Items” listed in the Action Matrix of the plan require stewardship plus follow-through by the City and its Departments – a commitment they made through the adoption of this plan.  And as with all plans, nothing will progress unless individuals, groups, and organizations take collective action to insist the City supply the energy and staff needed to obtain results.  Our advocacy is required. We will seek out innovative public/private partnerships to help fund what the City has not prioritized for historic preservation within their budget.  We will be asking our members and citizens everywhere in our City to help us in this challenge.  You may access the entire document here.

I look forward to visiting with you throughout the year and beyond.  Please feel free to email me at info@hpasprings.org.  Please be well and safe, and we hope you will share your photos and stories of historic places with us.  We are so much stronger together.

Tim Boddington, President of the Board of Directors