NEWS! July 2018.  Thanks to grant funding through the Colorado State Historical Fund, the National Register Harlan Wolfe house is receiving long over-due rehabilitation and repurposing!  In partnership with the City of Colorado Springs and the HPA as site manager, Kiva Construction is first tackling essential exterior envelope issues including a new roof and careful removal of the non-contributing rear addition.  This later addition had accelerated water-retention problems against the historic softer brick; its removal seen here revealed the gorgeous rear elevation to which an appropriately designed accessible ramp entrance will be added in the future.  The City Parks Department cleared vegetation around the perimeter to allow for a safe work zone while retaining historic spirea and lilacs.  We are thrilled with the progress and can visualize the day when the Harlan Wolfe house will be open for a variety of purposes and group photos will be taken from the charming, fully restored front porch!