Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

The mission of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs is to provide leadership and inspiration to preserve, protect and promote Colorado Springs’ heritage and historic neighborhoods for today and future generations.  We accomplish this important mission through Advocacy, Education, Events and Strategic Alliances.

Our vision is to be the leading voice for historic preservation in the Pikes Peak region.

Our goals include:

  • Advocate for and encourage the preservation of buildings, sites, neighborhoods, commercial centers, streetscapes, cultural landscapes, monuments, trees and the historic environment throughout Colorado Springs and greater Pikes Peak region.  We take positions when and where appropriate, based on thorough research, and balanced with our mission.
  • Promote and encourage effective historic preservation policies in the City through coordinated advocacy efforts in partnership with our key strategic alliances.
  • Educate and encourage citizens community-wide in the appreciation and study of the pre-historic, historic, architectural, environmental and aesthetic significance of buildings, structures, sites, vistas, and neighborhoods including practical and effective preservation methodology.
  • Disseminate information and inspire public interest in historic preservation and downtown revitalization through the preparation of educational programs and the promotion of training in preservation skills and techniques.
  • Coordinate tours, events, lectures and workshops throughout the Pikes Peak region, often in partnership with groups and organizations we count as our strategic alliances.
  • Celebrate our irreplaceable heritage and honor those who work hard to keep our history alive.