We are honored to acknowledge our members at the following levels, plus our sponsors and top donors. Thank you for helping us meet our mission this year and always.

Champions of Preservation at the $1000 Level

  • Chuck and Mary Lou Murphy

Friends of General William Palmer and Queen Palmer

  • Tim and Cate Boddington
  • Gary and Sally Conover
  • Gregory Friesen
  • NES, Inc.

Friends of Winfield Scott Stratton

  • Sue Badgett
  • Richard and Virginia Helfrich
  • Kathy Loo
  • Nathaniel and Nita Peters
  • Tim and Sandra Scanlon

Friends of the SesquicentennialCelebrating our City’s 150th Anniversary throughout 2021!

  • Judith Brisbois
  • Ann and John Brock
  • Sol Chavez and Eve Tilley
  • Nina Cook
  • Bruce and Pat Doyle
  • George and Pam Eckhardt
  • Roxanne Eflin
  • Robert Foutz
  • Joanne Garrison
  • John and Betty Haney
  • Brenda Hawley
  • Kiva Construction
  • Sharol Metzler
  • Vivian McWhorter
  • Hal and Rebecca Powell
  • The Preservation Studio
  • Horst and Helen Richardson
  • Alice and Dan Robinson
  • Al and Becky Rohr
  • Patrick and Jennifer Stevens
  • Eric Swab
  • Larry Terrafranca
  • Thayer Tutt, Jr.
  • Friends of Helen Hunt Jackson
  • Doris and Thomas Baker
  • Larry Black
  • Ingrid and Thomas Burnett
  • Kenneth Jaray
  • Alina and Bill Johannsen
  • Meg and Phil Kendall
  • Eileen Martin
  • Dinah and Gary Miller
  • Libby Rittenberg and Nasit Ari