The Historic Preservation Alliance

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The Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs was founded in 1999 by citizens concerned about the preservation of Colorado Springs’ unique and irreplaceable heritage.  Then as now, many of our treasured historic places and spaces are threatened in alarming numbers through demolition, deterioration or  development. The evolving character of our historic city was – and continues to be – rapidly changing. Our organization, and our member supporters, volunteers and partners, connect with our mission which is determined to enable the best of our past find purpose to thrive well into the future.

We are a member‐based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing leadership, education and advocacy to protect, preserve and promote our irreplaceable historic resources and revitalize neighborhoods.  We have grown to become the leading voice for preservation in the Pikes Peak region through advocacy, education, events and strategic alliances.

Since our founding, we have met our mission through the work of dedicated and passionate volunteers.  Our education outreach, tours, events and field trips help to reveal a deeper story of our heritage and serve to introduce our community to the richly diverse places and spaces throughout the Pikes Peak region and beyond.  Plus, they are FUN!

Here in our 21st year we are prepared to expand our effectiveness as the leading voice for preservation in the Pikes Peak region.  We have new board leadership and a collective vision that requires increased attention to nonprofit best practices including governance, outreach, fundraising and program development.  Our strategic plan guides our work!

We invite you to join us in making a difference for generations to come.

We also invite you to include the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs in your Will or Planned Giving documents.  A sample Bequest statement is found here for your convenience.  Thank you.

Historic Preservation Value

Courtesy of the National Trust for Historic Preservation